Female Super Heroes Costumes This Halloween - 5 Alternatives to the Popular Wonder Woman Costume

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The Wonder Woman costume is certainly a Halloween party favorite and quite rightly so.
Ever since Lynda Carter strutted her stuff back in the seventies, while defeating bad guys with hardly a hair out of place, Wonder Woman costumes have been extremely popular.
However, you don't have to go as the Amazon champion if you fancy playing the superhero for the day. There are many alternative female Lego Marvel Super Heroes Cheats Code For Unlimited Gems heroes costumes available that will empower any women to live out her fantasy at the all important party.

Supergirl, also known as Kara Zor-El, is Superman's cousin and a fellow Kryptonian survivor. Superman's female counterpart was created in the fifties, but had to wait until 1969 for her first leading role in Adventure Comics. The Supergirl costume is an obvious choice to partner a Superman outfit.

If your partner is going to the party as Batman then the obvious choice of outfit might be to go as Robin, but perhaps far more flattering would be for you to go as Batgirl. The first incarnation of the character was the Batgirl Betty Kane, which debuted in Batman #139, in 1961.

However, the Batgirl costume most of us probably associate with the character was the one worn by Yvonne Craig, in the 1960s Batman television series.
Emma Frost
Since the success of the X-Men movies, there has been a new fancy dress outfit that has been getting more and more popular, that of Emma Frost. Originally a Lego Marvel Super Heroes Hack 2015 Free — Android iOS Comics character, Emma Grace Frost was initially known as the White Queen and is famous for her revealing white attire as much as her telepathic powers.

Not nearly as well known as her male counterpart, Spider-Girl first appeared in the Eighties in an alternate future of Lego Marvel Super Heroes Hack Tool Android Free Comics' shared universe. As she is a relatively unknown superhero, this is one of the most original of the female Lego Marvel Super Heroes Hack Cheats unlimited Gems heroes costumes currently available.

The best has been saved to last and although not technically a superhero in the truest sense of the word, more of a super villain, the Cat Woman Halloween costume has got to be amongst the most thrilling. This is one outfit that will be a joy to wear at the upcoming party.

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