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What we doomsday prepper are talking about today is minimal preparedness because even minimal preparedness is better than no preparedness. So this article is for you hard-headed people out there who have not listened to my past ranting. We are going to talk about some areas in which you can become minimally prepared in a short time and with little expense — physical, mental, and logistical preparedness.

A successful fishing trip begins long before the first cast. Being at the right place at the right time might look fortuitous to the onlooker, but it's usually the result of research and planning. Someone has taken the time to learn about the fish; habits, patterns, likes and dislikes. It is also critical to know the waterway and have a roadmap to guide you to the spot. You also want to understand weather patterns and have backup plans to deal safely with accidents or disasters.

MUSIC. To get her in the mood for the show as airtime approaches, she'll appreciate the theme music from Survivor:The Official Soundtrack. Anyway, the CD is available from Amazon and other merchants, at new or used prices. If you want her in the mood for anything else, you're on your own. I've found Johnny Mathis works well.

When setting up your bug out bag consider your financial situation as well. You may not have as much money to invest as does Mr. Smith down the street. Not everyone has unlimited funds in which to invest in cheap survival gear for sale and supplies. We have to make do with what we have available.

Second, they work! One minute of squeezing and I have adequate light for about thirty minutes. I never need worry about batteries, since the hand squeeze flashlight doesn't require them! Yippee! There is nothing more frustrating than desperately grabbing a much-needed flashlight, only to discover the darn thing won't work because the batteries are dead.

While we are sitting in the comforts of our home with a cup of coffee in our hands and cold winds blowing outside, we don't realize the importance of fire making. It's a skill that everyone should know. Hence, every bug out bag must contain waterproof matches so that they don't get wasted in rainy weather or if there is a water leak in your bag.

One strategy that many have is to prepare what's called a bug out location. This is simply a place that is outside the city that you live in that is designed to go to in case of an emergency or disaster. Generally speaking these are stocked with some supplies so that you and your family would be able to have something to depend on.

survival information It is much easier to survive in good weather. Before you leave on your trip, check with the local weather forecast online or at least watch the predictions on the evening news the night before. If you are choosing to go into the wild in winter, be sure you are prepared and have brushed up on winter survival skills.

If you think something is necessary then take it with you but you don't have to take everything with you every time. Among the popular luxury items carried by backpackers are binoculars, camping mats, camp chairs, cameras and books. Carefully select a few key items for a particular trip. Some luxuries never get used at all because they're not applicable or you just don't have the time.
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