Saying Goodbye to 2013's Web Design Trends

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raleigh seoWe all saw great leaps in web design last 2013. But 2014 has come and now it's time to re-evaluate the trends of 2013. What should be carried over this year? Which ones should be left behind? The answers to these questions will serve as a checklist for keeping your website this 2014 up-to-date.

For starters, the minimalism trend continues to flourish. For 2014, simple, clean, and sleek should still be the adjectives that describe your website. In other words, there should be no clutter, navigation should be a breeze, and information should be conveyed outright. Moreover, a page that holds all the colors of the rainbow should be a no-no. Keep your color choices few, well-coordinated, and «flat.»

In line with information delivery, videos and photos should be used more. Attention spans are getting shorter these days and it's important to relay your message as quick as possible, as succinct as possible.

On the other hand, there are things that should be left behind. For the benefit of your web design Greensboro, here are some that you should let go of in 2014:

Unnecessary pages. Evaluate your website and check if each has a function of its own. If you can merge it with another one, do it. Keep your number of pages to a minimum to keep clutter less. This will also help you stick to the minimalism theme that continues to be popular this year.

The use of stock photos. For years, stock photos have made their way into tons of websites. Of course, they're easy. With just a few clicks, designers get a relevant photo they can use. However, the eyes of readers have developed a distaste for these kinds of images, which is quite understandable. Stock photos, no matter how crisply photographed, feel impersonal and somehow sterile. So, since the use of photos is hot this year, invest on unique ones if you decide to use images.

Ribbons and banners. If you look back, there's a lot of web design Greensboro NC that has been using ribbons and banners to add flare in their website's pages. But for 2014, these ribbons and banners should go away. They've served lots of websites for several years, but it's time designers bid them goodbye. Nowadays, they do nothing more than make a website look old and outdated. Besides, web design is basically like fashion. Trends come and go. So when clothes go out of season, it's time to stick them in the recesses of your closet. For web design, the same should be done, too. When a design element doesn't work anymore, it's time to remove it.

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