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e-auction application for supply chain, purchasing and procurement specialists. The site supports companies in cutting down the costs applying this web based software.

brand-new e-auction software intended for customers from throughout the country. The site is definitely an online public sale internet site for creating auctions intended for customers and introducing quotations for merchants. The software has opposite auction, Japanese public sale, second item public sale and Dutch auction options.
Speaking to media, a sales manager from the company stated, «We are pleased to provide the best services for sellers. Our e-auctions software can make greater aggressive cost benefit than classic bidding. One of major fears was suppliers finding it difficult to use but here no such problems are present. Reverse sales can create a lot better competitive pricing pressure than classic RFQ procedure. » He further added, «We are also assisting to get the correct suppliers prior to bid events. All of us are proud this is the simplest software program that anyone can use with out any support. „
The website Bideg. com allows both buyers and sellers to access portal through internet and develop highly developed negotiation concepts to discover cost decreasing possibilities. Based on the sources, the team of Low Cost Country Suppliers has developed the site after lots of study, attaining experiences in buying, sourcing and supply chain functions. The main strategy of this web site is to reduce prices and supply the right provider and producer.
At present, in depth market study is very crucial to support the competitiveness over competition and the web site enables this elements. Using the e-auction software may also help in getting cost benefits on many Procurement Spend Categories such as travel services, office furniture, General Contractor Service, Promotional Product and telephony services among others.
This excellent website performs a fair and competitive online market via Reverse auction. This e-auction software also makes sure that most invited suppliers can easily down load mechanical files and buyer can get an answer from the system.
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