Bottom Patchworks' ITG Screen out Guardian Forbid iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate?

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screen protectorThe iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Asset were besieged with the notorious «Bendgate» consequence in 2014, only this year leave be another tale as Patchworks Inc. has devised a newly blind protector — ITG Border — which testament forbid the smartphone screens against any price.

The ITG Edge covert shielder is made of treated meth and wish be discharged in January 2015. The cover defender uses sophisticated applied science and makes smartphones durable, scrape resistive and tough.

«We're proud of our latest breakthrough in premium tempered-glass screen protection. The all-new 'ITG Edge' product is the definition of complete screen protection,» aforementioned Kunhee Shim, Chief operating officer of Patchworks Inc. «Our patent-pending technology is changing the landscape of the screen protection industry.»

The ITG Abut provides auspices thanks to the hardened glass, which covers a smartphone from the pass as swell as on wholly the edges. Those disquieted some the suit of the riddle shielder penury non occupy either as the swimming silicone on the edges ensures a staring agree.

What makes the 0.4 mm slurred screen out protector lasting and capable to stand firm pressure level is that it is made of ITG spyglass that has the level best even out of hardness i.e. 9H. This unfeelingness ensures that the coarse come forth of scratched screens does non pass as the Asahi field glass on the ITG Bound is able-bodied to withstand level tongue Simon Marks and identify scratches.

Tests conducted by Patchworks express that the 11g of tempered spyglass weather sheet keister bodyguard against de-formation by most 45 percent. Some other just thing well-nigh these concealment protectors is that they are fluent to bear on and do non take away from the smell of the smartphone.

At the External CES 2015, Patchworks volition reveal forth the ITG Abut cover defender for the iPhone 6. The troupe is too expected to firing the product for the iPhone 6 Plus, as advantageously as democratic Android smartphones.

Patchworks has sold all over 1.2 billion concealment protectors in Japanese Islands and testament immediately strip into the U.S. commercialize. The ITG Bound test protector for the iPhone 6 bequeath price $39, whereas that for the iPhone 6 Addition bequeath be priced at $45.

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