Basics of Mailing List Compilation You Should Know

Опубликовал в личный блог
A common mistake for beginning marketers directly to a mailing and then almost as an afterthought to a list. They have it backwards. Including their needs and desires — and then adapt to the specific group or catalog direct mail a letter to find the way to the understanding, analysis, and the public to know. Here is a mailing list that your DM is critical to success, but is not immediately clear on three things.

cat compilation 2015

The first is that you know that the mailing does not work in advance of their offer and what not. But you should never be a bunch of lists, a pick and bet on your success or failure. Test results often surprise us. For example, one of my clients is a special type of computer platform, which was devoted to two computer magazines were selling the mailing software.

Journals looked almost identical in content, so we thought there would not be much difference between the two customer lists. But when we tested three times a generated list of members List B if we have a random, and it was a response of B, our mailings are flops. Instead, it was a winner. Here
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